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When it was built, Concorde changed the face of aviation forever. No longer would passengers have to travel slowly – you could be in New York in around three hours, travelling faster than the speed of sound, and in perfect comfort.

On November 29, 1952, all that became possible when an agreement was signed in London between the UK and France.

Julian Amery, Minister of Supply, and Geoffroy de Courcel, the French Ambassador to Britain, put pen to paper on a treaty which detailed the decision by the two countries to build Concorde.CONCORDE TAKE OFF

the Concorde fleet was, at its height, 18  Supersonic aeroplanes.  flown by Air France  and British Airways.  first commercial flights were, I think in 1976. the fleet was decommissioned in 2003, after a crash in Paris added to the commercial viability problems following  9/11/2001 reduced passengers on all trans Atlantic flights dramatically.   However there are still 8n aircraft still in first class condition around the world, and we have one here in Manchester.  I took a tour around the plane on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. for me it was nostalgia, as I flew Concorde in 1978 to and from Bahrain, and in the 90’s to and from New York, both Air France from Paris and B.A. from London. seeing those airspeed signs  going up to and passing Mach2 was indeed a special feeling. travelling at twice the speed of sound, faster than a bullet  was  quite amazing, as not a tremor or  shake to advise you of the speed, just the read- out at the cabin front.  I remember the captain announcing that ” there are other planes that fly at this speed, but the R.A.F. don’t serve caviar and champagne at 1,350 miles an hour ! enjoy! ”

But, back to Manchester, I have a ttached a couple of photos showing the millions of dials the pilots had to contend with.

Magic!concorde 001 concorde002