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As we grow older our memories seem to fail us more frequently than they should.  I have enabled my memory recall to be strong and develop each day.  How? Creating a memory wall in my hall way.  I see it each time I leave my home and re-enter it.  Basically, it’s a collection of photographs that mean something to me.  Not of people, but of places I have visited and that brings a smile to my face.  I remember until a couple of years ago having a fear of heights.  Next thing my friend had me down in London and I was riding the London Eye fear conquered.  What a treat that was way above the metropolis and seeing all that London had to offer from a pod that did not stop to allow you on or off.  I bet just that simple memory will make some of you readers smile and conjure up your own bits and bobs.

A tranquil day cruising the one of the many canals in our region what a wonderful way to enjoy a nice warm summers day.  A nice chilled drink and a tub of ice cream – watch out though a spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down but it stays on your hips unless you do something about it.

Until recently last time I entered a gymnasium was at school 40 odd years ago.  My oh my how I disliked that room especially climbing the rope I could barely hurl myself off the floor.  The gymnasiums of today are much more user friendly and fun to use.  Who’d have thought it riding a bike and watching tv at the same time!  Next driverless cars (joke)!

Music too helps strengthen the memory.  A nice catchy tune with a good story nothing beats it.  So my recipe to beat the winter blues and have a strong memory:

Musing over a collection of photographs + Listening to good music + Exercise.  You’d be surprised how yummy this recipe is once you get into the routine!


ZEST Heathfield Hall, Heathfield Street, Newton Heath, M40 1LF

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Heathfield Hall, Heathfield Street, Newton Heath, M40 1LF is the home of ZEST an organisation that offers a varied selection of activities for over 50’s.

just one is detailed below:

Front Row

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

12 – 3pm

Social activity aimed at reducing isolation.

Latest release DVD’s in a local area, no

need to go to town. Light lunch provided.

Cost £1.50 towards refreshments. This is

a large group but there is room for more

members, currently around 20 people

meet each fortnight to enjoy films.

Contact: Laura Cassidy on 234 3724 or email

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