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There have been reports of older people being bullied here in Manchester. Bullying is hate crime and should be stopped where ever it occurs . here’s a piece which may help us all to defeat bullying :

Kick out Bullying

Most of us recognise the word bully as something that happens to us at school in our childhood days. This, however is not always correct. As a rule those that start out their career as a school bully carry their actions out later in life. We have two new phrases that reflect the activities of an adult bully. These are:

  1. Harassment
  2. Hate Crime

What is a bully? A bully is someone who picks on another person who is vulnerable. The bully feeds from that persons fear. The fear becomes the bully’s blood. They drain it until it’s gone. Sometimes this is known as a “Psychic Vampire. Someone who feeds from emotions and uses that as their strength. Nelson Mandela said “Know your enemies weakness and make that your strength”. A bully’s weakness is your ability to say “Stop or No” Once that is realised by them that becomes YOUR strength and so you have reversed the situation. It is not always so easy to turn around the situation. Do not be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust. A close friend or family member. Someone who you hold in high regard in the community a priest or maybe a teacher. Your landlord or social worker can all be good points of contact.

Today, we have laws that help capture the bully. These are known as Harassment or Hate Crime. Harassment is described as unwanted attention on one or more occasions by the same person. That unwanted attention can be anything that you find offensive or unsettles you. You have the right to report this to the police. To help collect evidence the best thing to do is keep a written diary that could be used in court do not rely on your memory. See it, hear it write it down. Try and get the events witnessed by someone else.

Next there is Hate Crime. This means that you are targeted by the attacker because of your age, race, sexual gender, disability and some other minority groups. Again if you feel threatened by offensive gestures or remarks you have the legal right to inform the police.

You do not have to sit in silence any more. You do not have to sit in pain. You can kick the attacker where it hurts. Get your voice heard let the police or relevant authority (your landlord, social worker) know what is happening. Kick this stuff out of our society. It is not needed. It is not necessary. We can beat this together.

© Ian Sawyer February 2015


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