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Today, I have received several calls about a current scam which appears to be targeting older residents in north Manchester. We have come across this scam before. The company have now been identified by the police. They offer to check that your property is in the correct council tax band and suggest that you may be owed thousands of pounds.  They charge about £170 for this service. Some members were called by a man and others by a lady.
If you are worried that your property may be in the wrong council tax band, you can find out free you do not need to pay a company for the information.
J and L (Homewatch Members) called this evening to say that several residents have called the police about this problem. I have also attached below an e mail from one of our scheme coordinators.
Please tell all your members about this scam to prevent them becoming a victim.
Many thanks
J (Homewatch Coordinator)
Hi J,
one of the members of my scheme drew my attention to an attempt to scam her into entering an agreement to meet with a man who would get her  ‘thousands’ of pounds from the council by getting her a reduced Band.  She had the sense to contact the Police when she made the appointment last Friday, for today, Tuesday 10th at 12.00hrs.She also told me about it and I said I would be there in case the Police got tied up Anyway the Police arrived just before 1200 hrs and I spoke to a young PC called Mike. he hid the Police car out of sight, but the man never showed up. Later  today J and L called to tell me that they had the name of the people who had contacted my neighbour and also to tell me that the Police were aware of another six at least in New Moston and were going to attempt to intercept this man who was making these calls.


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